Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Student Post - Sydney Grover

So far I have had one of the best experiences in Sydney. From landing, to attending the NSW lecture and the U.S. consultant all the way to Vivid Sydney was a rewarding experience. That  gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for the culture, specifically how much walking the Australians do in a day. One event that we did that helped me appreciate Sydney more was the historic walking tour. Our tour guide, Sophie, was very informative and funny, which made the tour a breeze. One spot in particular that I will never forget is the first church we saw, Anglican Church of Australia, The Garrison Church, it was on the corner of Argyle next to a very expensive neighborhood. Inside the church it was very grand and beautiful with grand windows, that had engravings on them from certain families. She told us the history of the church, which was that it was supposed to be a school for the community, but someone of higher authority came to town and declared that is should be a church instead, so that is what it became. A year later that man's brother in-law became the priest, isn't that a coincidence. An  experience to remember with wonderful imaginary forever in my memory.

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