Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Student Post - Chris Davault

One of the reasons why I chose to do the Legal Globalization Australia trip was that I wanted to see and experience some of what Australia has to offer. The past few days in Sydney have been fantastic. Our group met new people and we were exposed to careers in the legal system involving White Collar Crime. We went to several museums and attractions and all have been great. The day trip to the Blue Mountains was great, you just have to go there to experience the beauty of the mountains.
Along with this, one of my other favorite experiences was going to the U.S. Consulate and learning about the different roles the consulate plays.  The time we spent talking to several people has allowed for a better understanding of relations the U.S. has with other countries. We learned the U.S. has had a presence with Australia since the 1830s and it shows. Coming here seems like one is not in another country mostly. Sydney feels more like New York.

I am glad I decided to be apart of this opportunity.

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