Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Friday, June 5, 2015

Student Post - Going to the Gardens - Emily Frazer

The highlight of my week so far was nothing too academic (although everything was incredibly interesting).  When I stepped onto the grounds of Sydney, Australia’s Botanical Gardens my heart melted a little bit.  I played with Cockatoos, climbed on rocks jutting out of Sydney Harbor, defended my carrot cake from suspicious looking birds, and ambled through the beautiful trees of Australia with my friends and fellow law students.  I couldn’t have had a more pleasant day. 

Our group also went to the ANZAC Memorial by St. Mary’s Cathedral and I was humbled.  They lost so many at Gallipoli and in so many other wars and yet, I don’t actually remember a time when I learned Australia, specifically, ever joined in a fight.  Neither my history classes, nor my general education ever really covered it.  In a way though, I suppose, this makes their dedication to freedom that much more valuable because they are the unsung heroes.  As I left, I took a long pause in contemplation and was saddened by the loss, but grateful for their service. 

It should be said again, thank you.

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