Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Student Post - Kathleen Boles

Today we took a tour to the Blue Mountains. The first stop was to the Featherdale Wildlife Park where we were able to pet a koala and kangaroos. We were also able to observe a variety of indigenous animals such as the wombat, the dingo and the wallaby, among others. In addition to the animals we saw, I was surprised at how many different birds were indigenous to Australia. My favorite was being able to feed and interact with the kangaroos. They were very tame and friendly and seemed to really enjoy ice cream cones.

After the zoo and a quick lunch, we drove to the Blue Mountains and were able to see a variety of Aboriginal tribal dances and were introduced to the Aboriginal culture. The dances were very interesting to watch and many of them involved mimicking the movements of indigenous animals like the kangaroo and the emu. I was reminded very much of the Native American culture in the United States.

After the tribal dances, we took cable cars further into the mountains and got better views of the landscape and a rock formation called the Three Sisters. I was surprised to find out that the Blue Mountains are called such because the Eucalyptus trees emit a lot of oil, which creates a haze around the mountains, giving them a blue color. It was also interesting to be in the rainforest in the Blue Mountains, on a day like today because it was such a brisk day. I always picture a rainforest as a very humid and tropical place, but today it was rather chilly and damp.

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