Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Student Post - Kristen Tomcza

On Sunday May 31, 2015, we went to two museums; the Barracks museum and the Justice and Police museum. In my opinion the Justice and Police museum was the better of the two because of the tour guide, Ivan. He has a way of telling history as though is it a story that draws you in, even if you aren't interested in the topic you end up listening. He was also very knowledgeable on the conditions of staying in the jail, the pajama girl murder & a famous child kidnapping case in Australia. I thought that the use of forensic science to aid in the solving of the cases was interesting and that without it the cases never would have been solved. The museum had also acquired furniture from when the buildings were built and some furniture was also originally from the buildings. It added character and history to the buildings. Overall, this day was the most interesting because it showed how not only the law was structured but how science played a roll in solving cases.

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