Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Student Post - Maria Napolez

Visiting Sydney during Vivid was absolutely amazing! All of the lights and art work displayed made walking through the city an extremely exciting experience! Staying in the rocks was fabulous! Being central to great shops, eateries, the opera house, and public transportation made exploring the city an adventurous and easy task. I particularly loved seeing the Sydney Orchestra at the opera house, and visiting Manly beach! The welcoming dinner location and views were breathtaking. I also enjoyed visiting Australia's different courts whilst exploring the city on our way to our scheduled visits. Visiting the U.S. Consulate was extremely interesting, as well as visiting Ernst & Young and Baker McKenzie. Ending the trip visiting Aboriginal elders was another highlight of the trip. Having explored Sydney for the past week and trying the different varieties of foods from Australian, to Japanese, and Italian was a way to feel a part of the Australian culture in Sydney, so ending with a glimpse into the Aboriginal culture, after learning about it prior to visiting, really completed the visit for me. Overall, this experience has been incredible!!

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